BragShare, created by founders Chad Gundry and Daniel Coburn, makes social media more meaningful by providing users and companies with a sophisticated and customizable new medium for creating and sharing memories, achievements, aspirations, and messages.

WHY IS BRAGSHARE DIFFERENT? Bragshare is a social site that focuses primarily on the life achievements and stories of all who live or lived. Companies full histories and present achievements are also facilitated. Bragshare allows people to come and DISCOVER all kinds of meaningful things about people and businesses. And even allows for the posting of achievements and stories of fictional characters. Each life deserves the right to be discovered, learned from, shared, and....bragged about. 

This new social media resource also enables you to aggregate, tag and share the past, present and future milestones that define your life and organizes them into one, easy-to-use timeline to help you describe who you are and what you are about.

As the mass of information on social media reaches avalanche proportions, people of every age and culture are realizing the need and desire to create an online anthology—a personal legacy and a dynamic and findable record—of the events that really matter in every life.

Because your life means something more than just 140 characters, BragShare’s new innovations provide social media users with a greater degree of power and control over their reputation and legacy. The result is a dynamic and searchable online record of the updates and events that matter in every individual’s life in the past, present and future.

Both for individuals and businesses, BragShare gives you control over your social media legacy. With BragShare, you determine the milestones that bring meaning to your life and show the world who you really are. You can still post anything you want—observations, political rants, selfies, etc. Or Brag about the notable achievements of others. BragShare also lets you create a timeline of important events: your birth, high school graduation, the time you hiked a tall mountain, a trip to Hawaii or anything you consider most important about what you want to tell the world.  

BragShare also lets you post significant milestones, stories, and events about your ancestors—those people who came before you and shaped who you are. BragShare and FamilySearch International work together to provide ancestry data so the stories of their lives can be captured, organized, and shared.  You can also post future milestones that will be achieved—like graduating from med school, retirement or a goal to kite surf in Aruba in 2018.

BragShare's 3 main components are: the "Bragboard", a place to post anything to the world, the "Bragfeed", a place to post anything to your friends, and the "Bragline", a dynamically organized timeline of the most meaningful nuances of ones past, present, and future. Users can choose to "Brag or Share" to any combination of these three BragShare sections or to Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, or Google+. Additionally, BragShare's platform enables users to connect with Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, to access posts they have made there, and import them to BragShare to help populate their Bragline. User posts to the Bragline can be saved to PDF or printed off at anytime. In this way, users can journal their life in a sense. 

BragShare also provides a place for users to post classifieds and jobs. We believe this empowers people to show off their unique talents to the world, create their own personal brand, and obtain monetary gain to help them materially through life. 

Imagine the legacy that would exist if there were a means of gathering and tagging the materials that matter, to create a dynamic and living legacy of each participant’s life (both living or dead). Truly, a timeless community "where everyone is someone." BragShare is the answer.