What Is A Bragline?

A Bragline (dynamic timeline), is a series of important life events that are placed in chronological order. It is the place that makes permanent the things that matter most and displays the unique nuances of why you are unique. You are able to post things today, but date them in the distant past, such as when you were born, or had your kids, or when your great great great grandfather settled somewhere. You can also post aspirations into the future like, "I'll graduate from Stanford" (On June 15, 2018).

Because the Bragline is your place to define yourself, we highly recommend you import all your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ posts to BragShare, and use those to back populate your Bragline. The process is very easy to do. Then, continue to add to your Bragline with the passions and accomplishments of today.

Importing Posts From Other Social Media Sites

Click on "Bragnow" in the upper right hand corner, then click "Import My Posts From Other Social Media Sites" and click on the social site you would like to import data from.

After you have your posts imported, they will be put into a secret section "My Imported Posts" in your Bragfeed, that will allow you to sort through, revise, and distribute where you want on BragShare. Please make sure when you are doing this that you select the correct privacy setting for your posts, if you think they are important enough to put on your Bragline, and if the world should see them on the Bragboard (the home page). But remember only items with "Global Privacy" can appear on the Bragboard,

Profile Settings

It is important that you adjust what other people can and cannot see. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the menu bar, where you see a downward arrow, when the menu opens click "Settings"

Here you can adjust who can message you. By Default anyone can message you, simply turn it off and only your friends can. (Don't worry real time chat is coming soon for your friends)

Who can see your birthday, email address, physical address and phone number is also in your control.

We recommend that you keep certain pieces of data like your physical address private.

What Is FamilySearch International?

FamilySearch International is the largest genealogy organization in the world. Its rapidly growing online family tree contains over 4 billion names and is free to access by anyone. BragShare connects to FamilySearch and lets you discover your unique family legacy, and allows you to organize and share that information.

To begin finding and bragging about your ancestors lives, all that is required is to sign up for a free account with FamilySearch. This process can be facilitated from BragShare, or it can be set up directly at www.familysearch.org.

This database will provide names, dates, and locations of the deceased. That information can be easily transferred to BragShare with one click. Once the data is transferred, you can then add your own pictures, videos, and stories about their life. This brag can be shared to the world (Bragboard), your friends and family (Bragfeed), to your own personal timeline (Bragline), or any combination of the three.

How Do I Make A Post?

You can post for a personal account or for a company. To set up a business profile and create brags for the company, you must first establish a personal account, then find the company header within that account, and click "create company". From there, you can create a company profile, then you can brag for the company by going inside of bragnow popup, go to "brag type" and select the pulldown and select "company". Once a company profile is established, you can assign authorized users on behalf of that company to view and make posts. If you wish create brags for your personal account, just click bragnow, and the default brag type will be "personal". Then make a post. Below is further workflow information about this process.

Once you're logged in, click on "Bragnow"

Enter your Brag Title (Required). This will give your post more meaning than simply adding text. So be creative.

Brag Media allows you to upload pictures or video. You can copy and paste links from most internet sites.

After that, enter your Brag Details. This is the core of your post, put details about the event or why it was important, or just BS a little.

Brag Privacy...
Set it to Global then everyone can see it.
Friends Only makes it so only people you are friends with can see the post.
Only Me is where only you are able to see the post.

Date: You can post something for today (Default) or post it for something in the past like a wedding date, or in the future for an aspiration (See below)

Brag Type:
Personal means it's about you or choose your company then a selector will open up for you to choose the company you want to post to.

Brag Category:
Brag... I'm just talking
Achievements is something you or someone else accomplished
Aspiration is something in the future you hope to accomplish
Ancestors is if you are posting about someone that is your ancestor, usually pulled in from Family Search, but feel free to snap photos and upload family pictures like Grandpa's home in Sicily.

Post to Bragline: Check this and this post will live on your Bragline to start building your personal history
Post to Bragboard: You can only do this if your post has a privacy of "Global" why? Because the Bragboard is our homepage and allows the world to see what you have accomplished.

Click "Post" and your Brag is done
Hit "Cancel" to stop what you have done

Remember that you are free to share any post on BragShare to: Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, or Linkedin, by hovering over the share button, and selecting where to share to. You can also share any post on BragShare to your BragShare friends, or move a particular post to your Bragline.

How Do I Add A Friend?

First way is to search their name on the top search box and click on the result. From there, you will go to their profile, then click on "Add as Friend"

Second way, is to see a post of theirs on the Bragboard and click on their name and you will go to their Bragline and on that page click "Add as Friend"

If you decide not to add them as a friend click "Cancel Request"

Or if they allow messages from anyone, you can click on "Message" to ask them a question without having to be their friend.

Remember also to visit the "Invite Friends" option in the BragShare menu bar to personally send an email to your Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail contacts, to join you on BragShare.